Phoenix Surgery Center

Phoenix Surgery Center (ASC)

Ambulatory Surgery Centers, also known as ASCs, are modern free-standing, outpatient health care facilities designed to help patients receive quality care outside of the traditional hospital setting. Patients now have the flexibility, convenience and control to schedule a variety of procedures.

Cardiac Cath Lab of Phoenix is committed to improved patient outcomes through utilization of the most advanced cutting edge technology so that we may offer the widest menu of therapeutic procedures to our patients. The specialized dual purposed ASC/catheterization lab allows for patients who have already seen a health care provider greater access to proper treatment for their condition. In these cases, a hospital stay is not recommended or required by the physician to ensure a positive patient outcome.

Millions of Americans now choose to experience quality same-day care in ASCs, which includes surgical care, diagnostic procedures and a host of preventative health care treatments. With a strong track record of quality care and positive patient outcomes, individuals now have an alternative to conventional hospital visits. These surgeries and interventional procedures cover a wide variety of medical cases.

Example Cases that may be performed at the Cardiac Cath Lab of Phoenix:

  • Peripheral Atherectomy
  • Peripheral Angioplasty/Stent
  • AICD Implantation
  • Pacemaker Implantation
  • Ablation

Please refer to the Procedures for a detailed description of the services offered in our ASC.